ADX stands for average directional index. Its value ranges from 0 to 100.

As its name implies ADX is used to measure directional movement. Its value is derived from 2 other indicators +DI and -DI.

In this blog, I will provide list of Singapore Market Stocks based on
1. 13 Period ADX > 20
2. 13 Period +DI crosses over -DI.
3. 13 Period +DI crosses under -DI.
4. Volume trade > 100,000 shares

One important thing to note is I am using freely available stock price information for computing the ADX indicator. The price information is not adjusted for stock dividends and split.

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Scan 24 Feb 17

Symbol TypeDateClose PriceVolume13 Day ADX13 Day +DI13 Day -DI
CASA HOLDINGS LIMITEDLong2/24/20170.07910010038.555840
FEDERAL INT(2000) LTDLong2/24/20170.2949840023.973827
JAPFA LTD.Long2/24/20170.98199670028.112116
JARDINE STRATEGIC HLDGS LTDLong2/24/201737.4891540026.542318
KEPPEL INFRA TRUST WEF 2015Long2/24/20170.49118530026.911613
MEMTECH INTERNATIONAL LTDLong2/24/20170.6519740033.813832
PACIFIC RADIANCE LTD.Long2/24/20170.15911300027.24328
ACE ACHIEVE INFOCOM LIMITEDShort2/24/20170.01753000030.423941
HYFLUX LTDShort2/24/20170.5751096520045.722831
MERMAID MARITIME PUBLIC CO LTDShort2/24/20170.21371790040.721921
MIDAS HLDGS LIMITEDShort2/24/20170.245666900037.071415

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Scan 23 Feb 17

Symbol TypeDateClose PriceVolume13 Day ADX13 Day +DI13 Day -DI
EZION HOLDINGS LIMITEDLong2/23/20170.3955463740028.813028
SATS LTD.Long2/23/20175.1428540024.312621
GLOBAL TECH (HLDGS) LIMITEDShort2/23/20170.03923000042.733942
GUOCOLAND LIMITEDShort2/23/20171.84588910020.521618
JARDINE STRATEGIC HLDGS LTDShort2/23/20173875620027.752021
KRISENERGY LTD.Short2/23/20170.23407730029.562325
UNITED INDUSTRIAL CORP LTDShort2/23/20172.8653120024.062124

Scan 22 Feb 17

Symbol TypeDateClose PriceVolume13 Day ADX13 Day +DI13 Day -DI
CEFC INTERNATIONAL LIMITEDLong2/22/20170.19534500036.765430
DBS GROUP HOLDINGS LTDLong2/22/201718.75661930021.92524
HUAN HSIN HOLDINGS LTDLong2/22/20170.02129110027.025028
LEE METAL GROUP LTDLong2/22/20170.295156910027.382014
SERIAL SYSTEM LTDLong2/22/20170.14818170027.433227
CACOLA FURNITURE INTL LIMITEDShort2/22/20170.0042404930023.323135
DBS MB EPW171030Short2/22/20170.13272000021.423637
KINGSMEN CREATIVES LTDShort2/22/20170.62545950023.432324
MEMTECH INTERNATIONAL LTDShort2/22/20170.6348550037.282638
PACC OFFSHORE SVCS HLDG LTD.Short2/22/20170.355233040048.852536