ADX stands for average directional index. Its value ranges from 0 to 100.

As its name implies ADX is used to measure directional movement. Its value is derived from 2 other indicators +DI and -DI.

In this blog, I will provide list of Singapore Market Stocks based on
1. 13 Period ADX > 20
2. 13 Period +DI crosses over -DI.
3. 13 Period +DI crosses under -DI.
4. Volume trade > 100,000 shares

One important thing to note is I am using freely available stock price information for computing the ADX indicator. The price information is not adjusted for stock dividends and split.

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Scan 10 Aug 18

Symbol TypeDateClose PriceVolume13 Day ADX13 Day +DI13 Day -DI
ABF SPORE BOND INDEX FUND ETFLong8/10/20181.1312910021.553022
ADDVALUE TECHNOLOGIES LTDLong8/10/20180.03325600020.342217
DASIN RETAIL TRUSTLong8/10/20180.8925690026.163215
MANULIFE US REITLong8/10/20180.865137600022.231513
YEO HIAP SENG LTDLong8/10/20181.0510490022.775222
KEPPEL REITShort8/10/20181.16686650022.231719
NIKKOAM-STC ASIA_XJ REIT ETFShort8/10/20181.11413080025.963033
OCBC BK MB ECW181101Short8/10/20180.025166580028.283440
SINGAPORE PRESS HLDGS LTDShort8/10/20182.77500960030.761722
THOMSON MED GRP LTD W190424Short8/10/20180.002278830035.45917

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Scan 8 Aug 18

Symbol TypeDateClose PriceVolume13 Day ADX13 Day +DI13 Day -DI
ASTI HOLDINGS LIMITEDLong8/8/20180.079179010029.112320
BM MOBILITY LTD.Long8/8/20180.009522000032.726237
BM MOBILITY LTD. W210213Long8/8/20180.001199900049.978015
EC WORLD REITLong8/8/20180.7298790022.391510
FIRST RESOURCES LIMITEDLong8/8/20181.617660026.931815
SUNNINGDALE TECH LTDLong8/8/20181.42238380020.812721
YANGZIJIANG MB ECW181217Long8/8/20180.021140900023.774841

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Scan 7 Aug 18

Symbol TypeDateClose PriceVolume13 Day ADX13 Day +DI13 Day -DI
AVI-TECH ELECTRONICS LIMITEDLong8/7/20180.3814800020.974537
CAPITALAND LIMITEDLong8/7/20183.261434410025.52719
DLC SOCGEN7XLONGMSG 210114Long8/7/20181.17562870021.142928
OCBC BK MB ECW181101Long8/7/20180.034184030031.464535
OVERSEA-CHINESE BANKING CORPLong8/7/201812.051188470027.013121
SEMBCORP INDUSTRIES LTDLong8/7/20182.78664760022.022819
UOB MB ECW181126Long8/7/20180.059157490026.394430
FIRST RESOURCES LIMITEDShort8/7/20181.6122370028.421517
FRASER AND NEAVE LIMITEDShort8/7/20181.9610100021.292033
INDOFOOD AGRI RESOURCES LTD.Short8/7/20180.21573320024.691623
NOBLE GROUP LIMITEDShort8/7/20180.127497020023.642223
OUE LIMITEDShort8/7/20181.5815370023.921618
SABANA SHARI'AH COMPLIANT REITShort8/7/20180.4445340020.141115
SHENG SIONG GROUP LTDShort8/7/20181.06433330025.071627
TOP GLOBAL LIMITEDShort8/7/20180.25512000028.914950
UOB MB EPW181210Short8/7/20180.08115000038.713839